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[tw_heading heading_tag=“h3″ title_animate=“true“ title=“Core Features“ subtitle=““ title_style=“true“][/tw_heading]
[tw_fancybox icon=“eticons“ eticons=“et-desktop“ title=“32+ Homepages“ link=“url:%23|||“ layout=““]We crafted 32 Homepages for your need and each Demos can customize-able for any purpose[/tw_fancybox]
[tw_fancybox icon=“eticons“ eticons=“et-layers“ title=“Valid HTML Files“ layout=“top_center“]You can Import the Content Blocks and Re Use it any Page and any Homepages[/tw_fancybox]
[tw_fancybox icon=“eticons“ eticons=“et-linegraph“ title=“SEO Ready“ layout=“top_center“]HTML structure is clean and professional plus you can almost Customize all Heading Tags[/tw_fancybox]
[tw_fancybox icon=“eticons“ eticons=“et-basket“ title=“One Click Dummy Data“ layout=“top_center“]You can build exactly same like our Online Demos with One Click Dummy Data Import[/tw_fancybox]
[tw_fancybox icon=“eticons“ eticons=“et-browser“ title=“Mega Menu Ready“ layout=“top_center“]You can build the Mega Menu with 2-4 Columns with or without Title customize-able[/tw_fancybox]
[tw_fancybox icon=“eticons“ eticons=“et-laptop“ title=“Full Screen Ready“ layout=“top_center“]Our Theme has Ready to Use the Full-Screen Demo and We have used Full Screen JS[/tw_fancybox]
[tw_fancybox icon=“eticons“ eticons=“et-book-open“ title=“Split Screen Ready“ layout=“top_center“]Our Theme has Ready to Use the Split Screen Demo and We have used Split Screen JS[/tw_fancybox]
[tw_fancybox icon=“eticons“ eticons=“et-recycle“ title=“Slick Animations“ layout=“top_center“]Default VC animations and also UiKit animation will both work[/tw_fancybox]
[tw_fancybox icon=“eticons“ eticons=“et-puzzle“ title=“30+ Web Elements“ layout=“top_center“]Each elements has built on Web experience and based on customize-ability and easy to use[/tw_fancybox]
[tw_fancybox icon=“eticons“ eticons=“et-target“ title=“80+ Pages Built-In“ layout=“top_center“]You can use the Prebuilt Templates from 80+ awesome Pages Content[/tw_fancybox]
[tw_fancybox icon=“eticons“ eticons=“et-gift“ title=“Premium Plugins Included“ layout=“top_center“]We have included Visual Compose, Revolution Slider and you can use those 2 plugins for Free![/tw_fancybox]
[tw_fancybox icon=“eticons“ eticons=“et-basket“ title=“Shop Ready“ layout=“top_center“]Woocommerce is the Popular Plugin and our theme is fully Compatible with WC[/tw_fancybox]
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[tw_heading title_animate=““ title=“Ready to use Templates“ subtitle=“200+“ subtitle_behind=“true“]Our Page information has come from our Content Block custom post type and you can import any page sections while you working new Templates[/tw_heading]
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[tw_heading heading_tag=“h2″ title_animate=“true“ title=“Create Your Website Today“ subtitle=““ max_width=“title_400″ element_dark=“true“][tw_button link=“https://themeforest.net/item/lovely-corporate-creative-multipurpose-wordpress-theme/19966889?themewaves“ target=“_blank“ color=““ size=““ style=“border uk-button-radius“ hover=“light-hover“ icon_class=“ion-ios-arrow-thin-right“ margin=“0,0,0,0″ animate_icon=“true“]Purchase Now[/tw_button]